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 About Us

We are Embedded Hardware and Firmware Developers, with vast experience in designing systems with microprocessors and MCUs, and with even greater experience in writing and debugging real-time embedded firmware. The development of our Processor technology, our Visual Development Environment and analytical Tool Set has been guided by our close association with Processor hardware and real-time “bare metal” firmware programming.

Our deep embedded development experience has been applied in the design of our Patented Compound Complex Instruction Set Computer Processor Architecture, CCISC and the Compound Instruction concept, and our Patented Flowchart Compiler technology for programming a MACROprocessor.

The CCISC Processor Architecture and Compound Instruction set comes from experience involved with microprocessors / MCUs, real-time firmware, and the testing of embedded hardware and software since the mid-1970’s.

Why Flowcharts?

The development of Visual Programming came from the desire to write code faster and to develop software algorithms easier and more efficiently.

We and other Developers have used Flowchart sketches and drawings to “work on new algorithms”. Everyone knows flowcharts, so it’s easy to develop and share ideas with others using them.

So we thought, wouldn’t it be great to be able to draw a flowchart program, compile the flowchart program, simulate/debug the program, and eventually download and run the program on a processor?

With our Visual Development Environment, this is exactly what we can do!  The Flowcharts can be drawn, compiled, downloaded and executed… and the flowchart documentation is always 100% accurate, because it is the program.

Ever have to support someone else’s code?

We have. We’ve had to modify / maintain code that we’ve never seen before by going over pages of “text” and wondering what the original author was thinking. Having a flowchart of the code would have greatly simplified the learning task.

Embedded System used in Industrial Control Application


Need for better Documentation

For a lot of our careers, we have worked as Embedded System consultants developing Hardware and Firmware solutions for clients. This consulting work required that we deliver a complete set of project documentation, but a lot of the engineering documentation had to be created by hand. Many computing performance related reports, like the bandwidth of major loops and functions, weren’t even available.

This “glaring” knowledge and documentation gap drove us, from the beginning, to create a better development environment for our MACROprocessor that provided integrated Firmware Analytics.

With our Visual Development Environment and our Firmware Analytics reports and other visualization documents, you not only get the performance data you have always needed for development, you automatically benefit from improved project documentation with details of your firmware’s performance characteristics.