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 Development Tools


Introducing the ClearView Visual Development Environment

The concept behind our ClearView Development Environment is that Visual program representations are more interesting to look at and understand, so we developed a Visually oriented Development system that has all the standard tools, as well as the development tools we always wanted, and never had.

Firmware Analytics Tools identify Power Savings

Our ClearView Firmware Analytics Tools were developed to measure program execution performance specifically to help the developer write Firmware to optimize power savings.

The hardware in your Embedded system consumes power, but the same is true for the Firmware executing on your Processor. Regardless of which processor you use, the more instruction cycles the processor executes, the more power the processor uses.

To use the least amount of power, extreme power management will involve measuring Firmware execution to reduce power-consuming instruction execution cycles where possible.

This tool plus all of our other Firmware Development tools and our full-featured Visual Development Environment are provided free when licensing our MACROprocessor IP.

For Firmware development, we believe. . .

. . . the Firmware Development tools that come with a processor are key to producing functionally correct, bug-free software in the shortest amount of time.

. . . with the proper tools that measure software execution, developers can write high-performance software at the same time.

“The Development Tools that are available for a processor are the most important reason for choosing a Processor.”

We believe in Firmware Development tools so much, that you will notice that most of our Technology section describes the Firmware Development tools we offer along with our MACROprocessor Intellectual Property licensing.