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 Firmware Analytics

Execution Pie Chart

This Pie chart visualizes the Total time of executing a main outer loop, and the % of time that belongs to the various functions or Slices inside of the loop.

ClearView Firmware Analytics works by revealing your program’s execution and operating statistics using a number of visualization graphs and cycle time measurements. All visualizations can be animated as the program is being analyzed during Run, Single Step, or Multi-Step.

Function Analyzer Visualization

The Function Analyzer is one of the visualization tools in the ClearView Analytics package. It works with the Simulator’s Timer Manager to analyze and represent the instruction execution statistics as a set of logic waveforms similar to a Digital Logic Analyzer display. Like a Logic Analyzer, the Function Analyzer measures instruction execution based on automatic and user-defined Timer trigger points.

Using the Function Analyzer waveforms, the instruction execution sequence and the elapsed time of different functions is easy to follow for both development and debugging, providing greater efficiencies in real-time embedded firmware development.

With the Function Analyzer:

Embedded Firmware Developers, when writing real-time firmware, did you ever:

There are 3 executing functions being analyzed above: “start” (blue trace), “Function1” (gold trace), “Function2” (red trace). A high level on the waveform means a function is executing, low level means it is not executing. The waveforms are stacked in sequential order.

Loop Bar Graph Visualization

The Loop Bar Graph represents the number cycles a software loop takes when repeating the loop. It uses 100’s of repeating loops to analyze the program.

Software Jitter Waveform Visualization

This visualization is used to show how much a repeating loop cycle count varies from one pass to another.

The more jagged the waveform looks, the more the cycle count for the loop varies, and the more that the bandwidth of the loop is being affected.


Function Bar Chart

The Function Bar Chart visualizes the Total time of executing a main outer loop, and the % of time that belongs to the various functions inside of the loop. Uses the same data as the Pie Chart.