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  • Our CCISC Processor Architecture Patent has been Approved

  • Our CCISC Flowchart Compiler Patent has been Approved

Product Overview

The Technology


Revolutionary Processor Architecture

Higher Efficiency CCISC MACROprocessor architecture designed for low power, intelligent  IoT sensors and real-time M2M Applications.

New Processor Architecture for low-power IoT applications

Our MACROprocessor Architecture is based on a unique computing concept called Compound Complex Instruction Set Computing (CCISC) which provides superior compute performance without high clock speeds.

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Our MACROprocessor is a low gate count processor with higher compute performance at lower clock speeds and lower power. Ideal for high volume intelligent sensors and heterogeneous multi-core SoCs for IoT and M2M applications.

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Our Visual IDE provides several forms of visualization technologies to develop, test, debug, and document MACROprocessor programs and algorithms.

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Our CCISC Simulator provides all of the features of standard simulators, plus it provides additional tools like Firmware Analytics, Virtual Hardware Models and Software QA, not available with other simulators.

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