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 Virtual Hardware Models


Multiple Virtual Hardware Models

for a Virtual System Prototype

Our Simulator supports multiple VHMs to allow a Developer to create a virtual system prototype.

With this Virtual System Prototype, Developers can write Firmware for the MACROprocessor without having the actual system hardware.

When the Hardware is available, simply remove the model and the Firmware operates with the real thing.

Use VHM Stimulus to provide multiple response scenarios to test firmware algorithms and perform software QA

The VHM represents custom hardware that is interfaced to a MACROprocessor system through the processor’s Data and Address busses. The user defines where the hardware (VHM) sits in the address space, along with its data registers.

VHM operations are triggered by accesses to the VHM user-defined address.

Our Virtual Hardware Models:

Virtual hardware Models (VHMs) are used with the simulation of your program, so you can work on control firmware for “new hardware” before having the actual hardware.

And since VHMs are software defined and can be any function, they can also be configured as a Stimulus mechanism to provide programmed responses to develop standardized tests and implement software QA for your code.