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 Visual Development Environment

Main IDE Window

Our ClearView Visual Development package is accessed from the Main IDE window.

The features mentioned above are just a sampling of our Visual Development Environment which provides many advanced Tools for developing, analyzing, and documenting your real-time embedded firmware.

For real-time Embedded Firmware Development, we prefer a Visually oriented development environment.

Our ClearView Visual Development Environment (Visual IDE) provides several forms of visualization technologies to develop, test, and debug MACROprocessor programs and algorithms. Our advanced Visual Firmware development tools provide Flowchart programming and Firmware Analytics to help make you more efficient in real-time firmware and algorithm development.

The ClearView Visual IDE main screen is the launching point for a suite of powerful development and analytical tools which are used for developing code for the MACROprocessor:

CCISC Simulator

The CCISC Simulator is launched from the Visual IDE for simulating programs written for the MACROprocessor.

The Simulator works with our Flowchart Editor to provide simulation at the flowchart level or at the Program Listing or Trace listing levels.

Our Simulator interacts with:

Environment Configuration

Our Visual IDE contains a configuration page for setting the behavior of our Tools.

Set up project specific path names and select features.

Terminal Tool

Our Visual IDE contains a serial port window that can be used with your serial communications prototype.

User-defined communications parameters provide flexibility for connecting to serial port or USB devices.


The screen shot of Visual Development Environment showing Project Manager with Tree list view of related files, full featured Flowchart Editor and Text Editor with Multi-document viewing.