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 Visual Programming

When developing a new software algorithm or deciding hardware functionality, have you:

Our advanced Firmware Development tools allow Flowcharts to be compiled, assembled, and simulated. Our Flowchart Compiler creates Compound Instructions from the Flowchart drawing.


“Write Programs as accurate as Assembly and as fast as C...”

Programming is fast and easy using our Visual programming. The developer selects a flowchart symbol which represents an instruction group, then specifies two data/address values and a related computing operation.

Unlike with other Flowchart Programming products, our Symbols can contain multiple instructions and multiple comments.

Visual Programming and Development Environment

Our Flowchart Programming is very flexible for Firmware Design allowing many development styles.  As seen to the left, the flowchart symbols can be drawn in any orientation and have any attributes, like different font size, color, and type, different background colors, etc, and still be compiled by the Flowchart Compiler.

The symbol with a STEP function declaration inside is an executable symbol.

For example, the DECISION symbol to the left has a STEP.SwitchState declaration in it.  When this symbol executes, it will make a CALL to the function SwitchState. Since the symbol is a DECISION, the function SwitchState will RETURN with a true/false or pass/fail flag for the conditional Branching test.

With the underlying Functions, an entire program can be written using STEP symbols. If the Developer moves the STEP symbols around, the program changes correspondingly.

The STEP.functionName feature can be used with the four executable program symbols:

Hierarchical Program Development

Design your Firmware using Hierarchical Program design using our STEP diagram features - making a Flowchart symbol into a macro-function symbol… one symbol can represent 1000’s of complex instructions or just a few. An entire Program can be defined using STEP symbols which can be entirely in words. Great for Team collaboration and sharing with Management.

Unique Features with Visual Programming Languages

Visual Programming Languages like Flowchart Programming provides unique features as a programming language. The most obvious is the visual and 2-D nature of the language.

These features combine to make project development faster by making the code development itself faster, the creation of documentation seamless, and training of new team members almost effortless.

Please refer to the Visual Programming Language page for details on the simple, easy to learn programming language used with our Flowcharts.

Multi-line entries in the two symbols above